Frequently Asked Questions

1.Do I need a firearms licence to shoot in the Czech Republic?

Absolutely not, but it has to be on a licenced Shooting Range. You will need a valid ID card / passport in your possession and be under the supervision of an instructor or someone who holds a gun licence while shooting. CTP has all the necessary range certification in place and works closely with the local Police firearms licencing department to ensure all courses are compliant with CZ Republic firearms & counter terrorism legislation.

2. I have never shot before, can I attend one of your courses?

Yes you can, our instructors have many years experience teaching beginners and experienced shooters alike. Please consult our "Novices" & "Courses" pages which gives guidance on course suitability for various student skill levels. If you have any additional enquiries contact our lead Instructor & booking officer David Shone who will be happy to assist with further information.


Telephone +42 (0) 777 794 181

3. What is the best way to get to the CZ Republic (Czechia)?

The easiest way to travel to the CZ Republic is to fly. (approximately 2 hour flight time from the UK) Many of the low cost airlines in the UK operate regular scheduled flights. Ryan Air currently operate a service from Stansted Airport to Brno, Prague, & Ostrava. The closest airport to CTP's base of operations at Velke Losiny in the North East of the CZ Republic is Brno with Ostrava being slightly further away. The transfer time from Brno and Ostrava is around 1 hr 50 minutes and 3 hrs 30 minutes from Prague by vehicle. CTP can provide airport transfers from Brno & Ostrava by arrangement, dependant on staff availability at extra cost, and if required assist clients in the booking of transfers from Prague Airport. 

The usual car hire firms also operate from Prague, Brno and Ostrava airports. 

Public transport is also available from the airports with good rail links from "Prague" and "Ostrava" to "Zabreh na Moravia" the nearest main line station to Velke Losiny, where CTP is based, via Regiojet trains (CTP can collect clients from the station if required). Please note that the train ticket prices are very reasonable compared to the UK. Please contact us for advice on public transport links if required.

It is always possible to drive from the UK and once in mainland Europe the road network is good. The travel time by car from Calais is 15 hours, but with stoppages and rest breaks, It is advisable to allow at least 2 days for the 1300 km journey from Calais. Please note current COVID 19 Border regulations / requirements in transit countries may differ from the CZ Republic. 

We recommend that you plan to arrive at your accommodation no later than the evening of the day prior to commencing the shoot element of all courses to ensure you are sufficiently rested to commence firearms training.

4. Do you mix different booking groups on your courses?

Not normally, we are happy to train individuals & small groups. We occasionally have single clients that wish to train with other students, but this would only be with the agreement of all parties involved.

5. Do I need to bring any specialist clothing or equipment?

The minimum we recommend clients bring is clothing and footwear suitable for hill walking, in wet / hot / cold weather, as well as a strong belt suitable for holster mounting. A baseball cap is also useful when shooting in bright sun light or rain. We supply hearing protection, safety glasses, & holsters. If you have these items and wish to bring them please do so.

Security professionals are advised to attend courses in possession of their duty uniform and equipment (i.e. body armour, ballistic helmets, goggles, holsters, knee pads, tac vests, etc) to ensure training is realistic.

6. Will I get instruction in English?

Yes, all our instructors speak English.

7. How do I make a booking?

Contact our lead Instructor & booking officer David Shone by email at or by telephone at  +42 (0) 777 794 181 

8. Booking Cancellation 

If you have to cancel a course booking you will not incur a course cancellation fee up until the date of course commencement. We would ask that clients notify us as soon as possible in the event that cancellation is required. CTP reserve the right to invoice clients for any costs incurred as a result of course cancellation.

Contact our booking officer David Shone by email at or by telephone at  +42 (0) 777 794 181 

We strongly recommend that clients take out a suitable travel insurance policy which will cover any additional travel, medical, and accommodation costs which may be incurred, at the time of course booking

9. How much will a course cost?

This is dependent on the course, our fee structure for our standard courses is available on the courses page. Please contact our lead Instructor & booking officer David Shone ( details below ) for advice and a quote for bespoke courses and special requests. Please note we no longer include accommodation in any of our course fees for administrative reasons. 


Telephone  +42 (0) 777 794 181

10. How much does ammunition cost?

Ammunition costs are dependent on calibre and regularly vary throughout the year due to component / raw material cost fluctuations. All our courses apart from the long range Rifle course are able to be completed using 9 x 19 mm pistol ammunition which is price fixed at £35 / 100 rounds for the 2024 shooting season. Our "Section 5 Package" course fee is inclusive of 400 rounds of ammunition, which has a selection of calibres other than 9 x 19 mm. Please contact our Lead Instructor & booking officer David Shone if you have any specific ammunition requests so that we can ensure we have sufficient stock available to meet your needs and quote you the current costs.


Telephone +42 (0) 777 794 181

11. What firearms will I be able to shoot?

We have an extensive and growing fleet of firearms including semi automatic pistols, carbines, shotguns and rifles which are available for use by clients on our courses. Hire of our firearms is normally included in our course fees. 

CTP hold some of the most iconic firearms of the 20/21st Centuries such as the first popular "Drastic Plastic" pistol, the Glock 17, from the late 1980's. As well as the most recent contender for the crown of best polymer pistol the CZ P10C which is fully ambidextrous and ideal for left handed shooters. For those preferring something more traditional in pistol frame technology we have the SIG/SAUER family of 226 - 229 pistols as well as the CZ75 range of pistols including the CZECHMATE & SHADOW II competition models, and If you really want  to go old school, we also have several revolvers. 

From the start of the last century we have the 1911, to which virtually all modern pistols can trace their operational design heritage, as well as a modern variant the STI 2011 

On the carbine front we have the SCORPION 1, UZI, and H&K MP5 from the 1950's and 60's, as well as more modern firearms such as the STRIBOG, VAR and SIG MPX.

If you want to experience some Soviet block cold war warriors we have some modern iterations of the AK 47 line of firearms in the SAIGA SA Shotgun as well as the AK ALPHA.

Bolt action rifles are not forgotten with the world leading range of military sniping rifles from Accuracy International such as the ARTIC WARFARE in .308 Win as well as the latest AXMC in .338 Lapua Magnum

Pictures of our firearms fleet are available on our Gallery page 

For additional enquiries please contact our lead instructor & booking officer David Shone who will be happy to assist with information on any of our courses.


Telephone +42 (0) 777 794 181