NSS 2024 Update 8/05/2024

Only a few more days to go before the NSS 2024 on Saturday and Sunday 11th & 12th May and we have just been notified of our stand position by the show organisers. We are located on stand 13 in hall 1. We are sharing the stand with our good friends at R & F Sporting Supplies and M9 Engineering. (Please note the Floor plan is amended as of 08/05/2024)

NSS 2024 Update 1/05/2024

Just a quick update for everyone attending the NSS 2024 at Harrogate on the 11-12th May 2024, our stand will be located in Hall 1 , in the Firearms & Shotguns section. We will notify the exact location as soon as we have it

National Shooting Show, 11-12th May 2024

CTP have pleasure in announcing that we will be exhibiting at the National Shooting Show, at the Yorkshire Event Centre Harrogate. on the 11-12th May 2024

We will have English speaking staff available to answer any questions you have about our Firearms Training Courses in the Czech Republic. As always we will be able to take course  bookings  at the show so if you have any preferred dates early booking is advised.

See you all there!

CTP Team

Click on the banner below to visit the National Shooting Show webpage for further information and tickets.

CZ P10C Upgrade January 2023

We recently upgraded the barrel in one of our fleet of CZ P10 C Pistols. Apart from looking very nice with its bronze finish it shoots very well and is threaded for a suppressor or compensator. The barrel is manufactured by LW

New for January 2023

We have invested in some more Hardox 500 steel plates, for the 2023 season. the plates are a great way to maximise your time on the range as they give instant feedback when hit, allowing students to rapidly improve their shooting accuracy. with out the need to mark / patch targets. 

British Shooting Show 18th - 20th February 2022

CTP will be exhibiting at the BSS 2022 at the NEC Birmingham. This is an ideal opportunity to meet our team and discuss your training requirements prior to making a decision to book a course with us. We will publish our stand location as soon as the organisers have finalised the exhibition layout.

29th June 2021, YouTube Video

Pistol Training:- STI 2011 Open Class Competition Pistol, Part 2

Shooting on the move engaging multiple targets, with the STI 2011 Open Class Competition Pistol, optics fitted

29th June 2021, YouTube Video

Pistol Training:- STI 2011 Open Class Competition Pistol Part 1

Drawing from a competition holster rig and engaging the target with an optics fitted STI 2011 that has been heavily customised here in the CZ Republic for IPSC Competition shooting.

29th June 2021

STI 2011 Open Class Competition Pistol

Just a few photos to get your pulses racing. The pistol featured is the race gun of one the competition shooters that trains with us, here in the CZ Republic. It is an STI 2011, that has been breathed on by one of our Czech gunsmiths. The detail work is amazing and just shows the quality of gunsmithing available here. 

18th June 2021

SIG MPX  v  DAVINCI Pistol Calibre Carbine review

Two of the top end 9mm PCC (pistol calibre carbines) are SIG MPX and DAVINCI. In fairness the JP gmr15 also belongs in that mix. Base price is about £2k for the Sig and £2.7k for the DAVINCI, plus stock upgrades and red dots etc. They are basically IPSC and Steel Challenge game guns. We can have semi-auto anything in Czech but the U.K. I guess you are looking at a Marlin under lever or 22lr.

9mm PCC sounds a good idea - cheap ammunition and steel target friendly however most 9mm carbines are still direct blowback and hamstrung by heavy bolts (CMMG rotating bolt, H & K MP5 roller locking, KRISS Vector and a few others spring to mind as exceptions). But to get the same or less recoil than a bog standard £800 AR15 in 223, you are going to spend a lot of money. Flat and fast shooting are all that matters for IPSC games and it does make a big difference.

SIG MPX (still my favourite) does it by a gas piston arrangement- and I think this is an excellent design and very versatile- one of my barrels is 6.5” plus suppressor, another 16” with compensator the same system works well with either.

DAVINCI does it by direct blowback a magnetic buffer and short stroking the action. The rifle is lighter than the SIG and has a 2” shorter barrel so is more manoeuvrable. It still is not as soft shooting as the SIG but the DAVINCI side charging makes it about a second faster to load with a table top start. DAVINCI make the upper and lower receiver in house. I think the barrel is sourced from JP? All top quality components anyway.

28th May 2021

We recently test fired a friends top end competition AR15 rifle in 224 Valkyrie. Launches a 88grain plus high BC bullet at 800m/s making it good to at least 1200m. Basically a blown out and optimised 223. Benefits of an AR15 platform (short, light (ish)), negligible recoil and very accurate in a semi-auto platform). Optic is the fabulous 7-35 Nightforce ATACR with Spuhr cantilever mount. 

13th May 2021

As the temperatures rise to a very nice 30 degrees here in the CZ Republic. We got back down on the range to brush of the cobwebs with some 9mm pistol & carbine movement drills.